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WordPress Announces it will Disable Google’s Floc ad-Tracking Technology

WordPress, a popular content management platform, has stated it will start to block Google’s FloC since it believed that the ad-tracking technology a safety issue.

The business has introduced set codes that enable programmers to obstruct the FloC to their sites.

WordPress also mentioned a blog article in the Electronic Frontier Foundation which had deemed Google’s FloC a dreadful thought. The article was criticized Google’s decision to place people in groups according to their surfing habits. It added that it may cause various kinds of discrimination as well as predatory targeting of unsophisticated consumers.

It’s Google’s brand new technology that simplifies the present practice of utilizing third-party cookies for monitoring. Google considers that the new system is much more protected than the preceding one as it reveals advertisements according to your cohort rather than personal data. The business adds that the process will also aid in improving user privacy as”federated learning” entails sharing less info.

Not everybody has purchased Google’s privacy debate with FloC. Already, privacy-focused browsers DuckDuckGo, Brave, and Vivaldi have increased concerns within the tech and even pledged to block their own platforms.

“After a short trial period, Google decided not to produce this new observation method as a single decision and instead started mechanically including millions in the plan. If you’re reading this in Chrome while logged into a Google accounts, yes, this likely means you, and if not now, then eventually,” DuckDuckGo said in a post recently.

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