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Acies Introduces India’s First Funding + Technology Development Plan for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Acies, a major global technology and consulting company, has announced the announcement of a new program targeted at assisting young founders and start-ups with technical, management, or funding constraints. Acies will have access to capital for financing company development, technical advice and support from Acies leadership, and usage rights to their no-code software Revolutio. The Acies Ventures-Revolutio software will be the name of this project.

Revolutio is a special and unified no-code framework developed by Acies Techworks that allows any person, group, or even an existing start-up to create or upgrade their apps without the hassle of coding. Revolutio is designed for creating business software and supporting complex computing operations.

Architecting, data processing, process automation, modeling, reporting, simulation, and project management features are all covered by the software, which helps anybody with or without coding skills to create enterprise-ready applications.

“We have seen a lot of brilliant ideas and successful start-ups fail due to numerous challenges such as technological growth, recruiting the right people, collaborating with the right partners, timing their entrance in marketplaces, or even retaining their revenue streams provided by their goods or services,” said Mr Rahul Murthi, Global Head of Acies Ventures, in announcing this initiative.

“Over the last year, we’ve learned from our experiences with a variety of young entrepreneurs and start-ups that the most popular request is for us to help them create the best technology stack with less reliance on outsourced technology specialists – which is exactly what Revolutio can do for them,” he said.

“Revolutio fills the gap for a lot of individuals and companies who know what is needed for a technology-enabled product or service to satisfy the core need of the marketplace but never see it becoming a reality due to lack of technology or coding know-how,” said Mr Muzammil Patel, Global Head Strategy and Corporate Finance at Acies. Entrepreneurs and start-ups will use this tool to develop their own applications as part of this program.”

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