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Amazon is Bringing the Cashierless Checkout Technology to its New Stores

Amazon’s cashierless checkout system may be coming to its Fresh retail stores in the near future. This new electronic checkout technology called “Just Walk Out”. Customers will bypass the checkout line by having the technology register whatever goods they take and billing them as they depart.

Planning documents for a store under construction in a suburban retail center in Brookfield, Connecticut, include features of Amazon’s automatic checkout technology, known as “Just Walk Out.” The documents depict gated entrance and exit lanes at the store’s front, where customers will likely check an app or credit card as they enter, as well as hardware that could house ceiling-mounted cameras that watch what customers catch in the store.

Electronic shelving, which Amazon uses in its Fresh and cashier-less Go convenience stores, is also included in the documents.

A massive staging area is also seen at the front of the planned shop plan. Customers can pick up or ship their packages for free at Fresh supermarkets, which have a special department where they can pick up or grocery orders ordered online.

It’s uncertain if the store will have other high-tech features seen in Fresh supermarkets, such as the Dash Carts, which are smart shopping carts that allow customers to check out without having to stand in line.

Amazon opened the first Fresh grocery store in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles in September. It has also expanded to a dozen locations in southern California and the Chicago suburbs. In addition, the firm intends to open a few shops on the East Coast.

It would be a market first if Amazon were to roll out cashierless checkout technology in Fresh stores. Self-driving technologies for supermarkets have been developed by companies such as Standard Cognition, AiFi, and Grabango, but mass deployment has been slow because the technology is still expensive and difficult to implement in large store formats.

Amazon Fresh stores are about 35,000 square feet in area, which is about the same as a Whole Foods. The format combines in-store and online shopping while providing customers with a wider range of items at cheaper prices than Whole Foods’ predominantly luxury offerings.

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