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Apple: HomePod in Space Grey is Discontinued in U.S.

The space grey model of the first HomePod is no more accessible in the USA. In different countries, it is still accessible and with quick delivery dates, as well as the sterile version that has been sent worldwide. In Spain, there are no problems with any of those models, with the dates of shipment and set in store changing slightly. Among all the rumors that are piling up about forthcoming news, there is not anything about a’HomePod 2′.

The loudspeaker was launched in June 2017, with Apple marginally lowering its cost later seeing it fell short of anticipated sales. Being somewhat partial, doubts arise: Are we facing a very simple lack of inventory that Apple will resolve soon or maybe it is the initial step towards a new creation of the speaker? From MacRumors and AppleInsider they advocate the former, though it is somewhat suspicious that this occurs a few days after an alleged event or launching day.

There are twelve days before March 23. Its little brother, the HomePod miniature, has achieved the reverse: album sales and transport delays after its launch. Maybe Apple is preparing a better version of this speaker, with a more adjusted price as well as the new technologies that the HomePod miniature has introduced.

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