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Apple iMac Pro Officially Discontinued and No Longer Available for Purchase

The iMac Pro was formally discontinued as of the day, with the machine no longer available for purchase from the online Apple Store. The ‌iMac Guru went out of stock in the USA and other nations earlier today, and now, the ‌iMac Pro‌ page was removed completely from Apple’s website. Using the ‌iMac Guru page removed, there’s no longer a choice to purchase an ‌iMac Pro‌ in the USA or in any other country, and the machine is no longer listed in the Apple Store app, nor does a search bring up ‌iMac Pro‌ listings.

Apple has also changed the Mac compatibility filter for the ‌iMac Pro‌ to state”2017″ instead of”2017 and later,” making it very clear that there’ll not be any more ‌iMac Pro‌ versions later on. Although Apple has removed the ‌iMac Pro‌ from its site after its discontinuation, there is still an assortment of ‌iMac Pro‌ models available from Apple’s refurbished shop. Apple recommends that consumers who are looking for a high-end Mac select the 27-inch iMac, which was refreshed in August 2020. The present 27-inch ‌iMac‌ configured using a 10-core Core i9 chip is faster and less expensive than the standard ‌iMac Pro‌ using a 10-core Xeon W chip was.

Apple is working on a redesigned iMac which will feature thinner bezels, a Guru Display XDR-style layout, and Apple silicon chips, therefore those who are seeking a powerful desktop machine might want to late before the new ‌iMac‌ models come out later this year before making a buy.

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