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Apple: iPhone 13 Notch Expected to Be Smaller

If the most recent reports prove to be authentic, it is going to be easy to see the difference between an iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 since the notch near the peak of the screen is becoming smaller.

Since 9To5Mac reports, a few screen guards alleged to function as iPhone 13 have been submitted by DuanRui on Twitter. They display a smaller slice out to the top-notch, which indicates Apple has reduced it in size. This is not because of the miniaturization of these notch components, rather, Apple transferred the earpiece from the notch and upward to the telephone bezel.

By making this layout change, the top-notch stays exactly the exact same height but was made thinner. Additionally, it means there is likely a great deal of app updates needed after the initiation of the new iPhone versions to account for the shift.

We’re very likely to hear new iPad Experts, hopefully, a brand new Apple TV, also (finally!) AirTags.

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