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developing touchscreen Macs that could debut in 2025 with new MacBook Pro

Apple mulls reversing course on touchscreen Macs

Thus far, Apple has resisted bringing touchscreens to the Mac lineup. Steve Jobs was famously opposed to the idea. Jobs called it an “ergonomically terrible” idea. “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical,” he said in 2010, around the time of the iPad’s introduction. “After an extended period of time, your arm wants to fall off.”

More recently in 2021, Apple marketing executive Tom Boger explained that the iPad is the world’s “best touch computer” and the Mac is “totally optimized for direct input.”

At the time, Boger said Apple didn’t have a reason to change that and bring touchscreen capabilities to the Mac. Apparently, things have now changed, and Apple thinks it’s time to consider a touchscreen Mac.

Touchscreen MacBook Pro in the works

As part of this effort, the company is testing a MacBook Pro with touchscreen capabilities. Apple is considering releasing this as soon as 2025, but there are ongoing deliberations inside the company that could impact that timeline.

The MacBook Pro revamp being tested inside Apple retains a “traditional laptop design” that includes a standard trackpad and keyboard. The difference, of course, is that the screen would “support touch input and gestures – just like an iPhone and iPad.”

If the company decides to move forward with launching touchscreen Macs, Bloomberg says that the technology could eventually expand to other models in the lineup as well.

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