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Apple Watch News: Apple Watch for Extreme Sports Is Being Considered

As Bloomberg reports, Apple is thought to be contemplating introducing a new Watch using a rugged casing, together with the target market being athletes, intense sports players, in addition to everybody who enjoys outdoor activities and does not wish to worry about breaking up their smartwatch. Although existing versions do cater to all those markets to some extent the introduction of a more rugged version has been considered because of other watchmakers seeing strong sales from targeting this segment of this industry especially. If released, the rugged Apple Watch is anticipated to sit together with the Series 6, the Watch SE, and other special editions, and would offer no additional performance.

It would just be capable of functioning in more extreme conditions and dealing with larger impacts. We are presently on Series 6 of those Apple watches, which like most of Apple’s devices, improves incrementally with every new version introduced. On the other hand, the Apple Watch could soon go in a new direction and introduce a rugged variant having an eye on the extreme sports marketplace. The benefits of Apple starting an extreme Watch are clear. It would provide a fresh way to advertise the Apple Watch, a chance for sponsorships in several professional sports, and Apple could charge a high price for what’s effectively the same Watch hardware in a more robust case. On top of that, it could be a new showcase for Apple’s growing record of health and physical fitness monitoring attributes.

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