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Brown University Suspends IT Systems Amid Cybersecurity Threat

As a security precaution, IT team members cut off access to the university’s central data center and connected systems like Banner, VPN, Remote Apps, along with a few university sites. Cloud-based systems like Canvas, Zoom, and Workday are untouched.

Faculty and staff at Brown University have been requested to not utilize computers running Microsoft Windows in reaction to some cybersecurity threat. Faculty and staff are advised to operate on tablets or computers that run on operating systems besides Microsoft Windows till their Windows system is provided a more”known clean” standing from IT support.

“Now, We can’t predict the precise deadline for disruption to systems We are working together with colleagues across the faculty and are dedicated to getting systems back online as quickly as possible,” explained Bill Thirsk, chief digital officer, and chief information officer at Brown, in an internet statement. As of Thursday afternoon, the problem was still unresolved, based on an alerts site university IT team members conduct.

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