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Facebook, Google CEOs Suggest Ways to Reform Key Internet Law

Zuckerberg and Pichai may also advocate caution as Congress considers reforming the law. Pichai rather proposed solutions like creating content policies that are accessible and clear, notifying people if their content has been eliminated, and providing them ways to allure content choices. “Platforms shouldn’t be held responsible if a specific bit of content evades its discovery — which could be impractical for platforms with countless articles every day,” Zuckerberg composed in his own testimony. Google’s Pichai also struck a similar note stating”without daddy 230, platforms could over-filter content or be unable to filter content in any way.

” There are lots of pieces of legislation from Democrats to reform Section 230 who do the rounds in Congress. Several Republican lawmakers also have been pushing independently to scrap the legislation completely. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg laid out measures to reform integral online legislation on Wednesday, stating that firms must have immunity from liability only if they follow best practices for eliminating damaging material in their own platforms. Google’s Sundar Pichai will make ideas to reform the law however, unlike Zuckerberg, won’t recommend for its adoption of some best practices, based on his testimony.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey will put out measures the platform has chosen to handle misinformation. The hearing Disinformation Nation: Social networking’s role in promoting extremism and misinformation was made to handle concerns Democrats have experienced regarding the spread of misinformation throughout the coronavirus pandemic along with the presidential election. It is also prone to go over approaches to maintain tech platforms answerable by reforming the online law.

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