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From the Apple Watch Ultra to the Dyson V15 Detect: The devices we love in 2022

Apple Watch Ultra

Popularity does not always determine the success or failure of a product. A gadget’s true success depends on the experience it delivers to its customers, regardless of price. 2022, a year marked by a series of average products, we liked a particular device that defined the year. They have had the greatest impact on us philosophically, and some have actually caught our attention by accident. Here are the gadgets we loved in 2022.

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The Apple Watch Ultra feels like it could be the next chapter for the Apple Watch. The Ultra was an attempt to create a rugged smartwatch for athletes and avid cyclists, and it had both the hardware and software to make it a recognized statement piece by weekend warriors. They are more robust, last longer, and make text much easier to read. It’s still an Apple Watch. What Apple tried with the Ultra was to create a specialized smartwatch designed for professional activities, and that approach has mostly worked. It’s a good buy if you’re adventurous and want an outdoor smartwatch that you want to use in your everyday life.

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