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Fujitsu And Trend Micro Team Demonstrate Solution To Secure Private 5G

Fujitsu Limited and Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a worldwide cybersecurity pioneer, have collaborated to focus on the security of personal 5G networks.

The companies will demonstrate the potency of Trend Micro’s safety for personal 5G working with simulated smart mill surroundings and also operational Fujitsu surroundings ahead of the item’s public accessibility.

Personal 5G network technologies are going to be the catalyst for authentic smart factories worldwide. Connectivity and automation may connect mill apparatus and business programs, improving manufacturing capacities and total mill functionality. On the other hand, the enlarged IT infrastructure in operational engineering (OT) surroundings may result in vulnerable danger for cyberattacks. There’s an urgent requirement to implement cybersecurity steps to secure confidential 5G networks to safeguard against potential attacks.

This environment was utilized to picture and manage the status and safety of systems, in addition, to connect hazard detection and avoidance information in the apparatus and network.

Advantages of the product contain: Detect and safeguard against dangers at the personal 5G network

Authenticate devices attempting to connect into the 5G system, Block unauthorized communication in real-time

This demonstration shows how the Trend Micro alternative protects smart factories out of internal risks, such as unauthorized or malware-infected apparatus, in addition to external threats trying to go into the mill through the 5G network.

Fujitsu and Trend Micro will run a field trial before September 2021 in Fujitsu’s Oyama Plant. Dependent on the outcomes of the trial, the spouses will think about commercializing a safe alternative for personal 5G.

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