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Geico Data Breach Exposed Clients Driver’s License Numbers for Over a Month

Insurance company Geico Suffered a data breach earlier this Season That exposed Clients drivers license numbers for at least a month, according to a data breach notice filed with the attorney general of California First reported by TechCrunch, Geico states in the note that it’s fixed the safety dilemma that resulted in the breach.

“We recently decided between January 21, 2021, and March 1, 2021, fraudsters useful info about you — they obtained elsewhere — to acquire unauthorized access to a driver’s license number during the internet sales system on the site,” the note reads. “We now have reason to think this info can be used to apply for unemployment benefits on your title.”

The note doesn’t indicate how many clients might have been affected or if the breach was restricted to California. However, California law says that”any individual or company that’s necessary to issue a security violation notification to over 500 California taxpayers as a consequence of one breach” should submit a copy of the notice to the general’s office.

State unemployment offices are inundated with claims within the last year, with countless people unemployed on account of this coronavirus pandemic. Some states reported that a sharp growth in deceptive claims last spring, which have been discovered when individuals started receiving notifications regarding unemployment benefits that they never implemented. Many US states require identification like a driver’s permit to apply for unemployment benefits.

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