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Google and the National Science Foundation have Teamed up to Foster Innovation and Technological Leadership

The Google Cloud collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the United States has been expanded to foster innovation and technology leadership. Resilient and Intelligent Next-Generation Systems (RINGS), a recent NSF-led project aimed at advancing research in areas with the potential to have a substantial effect on Next-Generation (NextG) networking and computing systems, is receiving funding from the cloud giant.

The initiative is the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) single the biggest endeavor to date to bring public and private agencies together to fund a research program.

“We’re excited to continue our great relationship with the National Science Foundation in supporting creativity and technological leadership. We look forward to partnering with the university community to develop innovative networking infrastructure technologies. Our funding for RINGS is a slight but significant move in the right direction “On Tuesday, Google wrote a blog post about it.

According to NSF, the evolution of the NextG architecture would be driven by resiliency, reliability, and the potential to quickly rebound from malicious attacks, component faults, and natural and human-caused disturbances.

Through exploiting low-latency edge-cloud networking and network feature virtualization technologies, the NSF-led RINGS program aims to advance the underlying technologies that will ensure worldwide availability, stability, and reliability of NextG networks that are supposed to link billions of people and allow enhanced data streaming, communications, analytics, and widespread automation.

In addition to grants, Google will offer researchers and students its experience, research partnerships, technology, and in-kind assistance while they advance science and advancement in the field.

“We’re excited to collaborate closely with the organizations chosen by the RINGS initiative to create a diverse and multicultural workforce in the research field. To advance understanding and advancement in the industry, all scientific findings will be reported “According to Google.

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