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Google Meet Extends Free Unlimited Video Calling Support for Free Gmail Accounts Until June

Google Meet has extended the availability of complimentary unlimited video calls (up to 24 hours) on its own platform before June 2021. The new extension is appropriate for many Gmail users making video calls through Google Meet. Prior to the most recent development, Google Meet video calls were available for free to Gmail users until March 31, 2021. This extension was announced in September this past year.

By providing free 24-hour video calling through Google Meet, the search giant is trying to assist people staying indoors during the continuing coronavirus outbreak. The official Google Workspace accounts on Twitter have announced the extension of unlimited Google Meet calls. Initially, the move to offer free boundless video calls was taken in March to encourage individuals working from homes and taking distant classes due to the outbreak. Google later declared it would bring a 60-minute limitation for free virtual calls from September 30.

However, the company afterward chose to extend that deadline to March 31. Those comprised virtual meetings for up to 250 members, internal live streaming, and also the capacity to save telephone recordings to Google Drive. It was similar to how rival platforms including Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex offered free movie calling support.

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