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Intel-Powered Backpack Can Assist Blind People Navigate Their Surroundings

Bluetooth-enabled earbuds permit the wearer to listen to the alarms privately. Those very same earbuds may also receive voice orders. In another demonstration, Mahendran asks that the back spell out his environment. In response, the machine starts listing the color of the sidewalk, the existence of a traffic light at 11 o’clock, and the way the bunch of individuals is coming. The last part is a fanny pack, which includes a battery capable of supplying up the system to eight hours of usage. The resulting bundle is absolutely not the most stylish creation, but at a movie presentation, Mahendran reveals the whole getup can recognize approaching items and inform the wearer.

As an instance, the backpack can declare when a stop sign is beforehand, and whether the consumer is entering a crosswalk. It may also warn about incoming barriers, like sticks, cables, and shrub foliage, by announcing in which way they are present. The backpack comes from an AI computer software programmer named Jagadish Mahendran, who has been growing computer vision applications to assist robots view. The machine employs off-the-shelf pieces. The model Mahendran and his group developed carries a backpack comprising a Lenovo Yoga notebook running a Core i7 chip and 8GBM of RAM. Additionally, the system utilizes Intel’s computer vision processing technology Movidius VPU along with the Intel Distribution OpenVINO toolkit. The Luxonic camera can also be small enough to subtly tuck it in a coat vest at chest level, without anyone noticing.

“Three miniature holes at the vest supply viewports for the OAK-D device, which can be connected to the interior of the vest with Velcro tape,” Intel composed at a case study on the tech. But, an AI researcher has produced another promising instrument: an Intel-powered backpack that may identify and call out items around the consumer. It is not clear if or if the backpack could ever become commercialized. On the other hand, the machine combines other prototypes and goods, for example, smart eyeglasses, which were designed to assist blind men and women navigate the entire world.

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