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Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Morphisec Raises $31M

The investment will encourage a significant hiring effort in America and Israel. The business was established in 2014 at JVP Cyber Labs in Beersheva and stays based in Negev city. Morphisec CEO Ronen Yehoshua said, “Midsized businesses are underserved from the cybersecurity marketplace and left by cost-prohibitive tools and personnel limitations. The challenges for all these organizations have just increased in the previous year with work-from-home workers employing unsecured devices and linking to an infinite collection of cloud-based programs.

Morphisec has been demonstrated to be the sole cybersecurity solution capable of earning them easy yet powerful protection which also fits into their current budget. With this new investment, we’ll further our commitment to attract associations of all sizes danger prevention which stops complex attacks in their tracks prior to the breach and expensive damage.” JVP general spouse Yoav Tzruya stated, “Endpoints of types – workstations and servers, both on-premises and at the cloud, virtual and physical – would be the greatest frontiers of cybersecurity. These lead to doubt, uncertainty, and therefore are difficult to handle in WFH and Cloud surroundings.

Morphisec’s unique strategy offers quantifiable, deterministic, economical worth whilst supplying best-in-class protection, functioning dispersed organizations, and additional allowing secure cloud migration. Morphisec’s unique capability to stop attacks before any violation occurs without requiring an understanding of the danger places it as the de facto proactive cybersecurity alternative for the cloud” Morphisec’s options for endpoint servers, and cloud workloads utilize patented zero hope runtime security powered by shifting goal defense technology to prevent risks.

As opposed to attempting to remediate attacks as soon as they strike, Morphisec’s proprietary technologies based on shifting goal defense stop strikes deterministically and mechanically, without requiring an understanding of hazard manual or type supervision, which makes it exceptionally effective against complex attacks like zero-day and unknown dangers. Morphisec’s alternative, which can be deployed on more than 7 million endpoints, provides enterprises cyber avoidance that automatically prevents the most dangerous strikes in an automatic and easy-to-manage fashion, with no effect on consumers, functionality, or even IT teams, while still preserving costs and attaining best-in-class efficiency.

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