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Koch Technology Solutions Introduces for Enhanced Innovation, Collaboration

Koch Engineered Solutions (KES), a division of Koch Industries Inc. today revealed the Koch Technology Solutions (KTS). KTS, as KES’ technology licensing company, is providing world-scale technology for licensing to a growing portfolio around the polyester supply chain, within the refining space, and for 1, 4-Butanediol and its derivatives, while also increasing value for customers by improved convergence with KES capabilities.

“The development of Koch Technology Solutions is a testament to the actual benefit that Koch’s chosen partners get on a daily basis. “KTS would increase the pace of change across the board, reinforcing partnerships with both businesses’ customers,” said KES President Dave Dotson. “KES is the ideal home for KTS, as it has a long tradition of providing creative engineered-to-order technologies through a wide range of industries.”

The company’s transformation from INVISTA Performance Technologies (IPT) to KTS represents its expansion as technology licensing firm. In recent years, IPT has broadened its spectrum of services and strengthened cooperation with KES, as the two companies’ client bases for current and new products across industrial value chains become deeply intertwined. Customers can have access to a suite of personally customized offerings from KTS, including not only planning, development, and startup, but also a broader integration with other KES capabilities, including ongoing access to information and expanded collaboration opportunities.

KTS President Mike Pickens said, “We’re focused on constantly extending our reach of supply beyond conventional licensing offerings as the industry evolves, and KES has all of the complementary capabilities to help us do that.” “Through advantaged proprietary facilities, additional resources (including manufacturing, sourcing, and construction), and continuous plant monitoring and optimization, we are optimistic that this transition will allow us to generate much greater value for our customers.”

KTS is Koch Engineered Solutions’ technology licensing division, which provides the tools and know-how to provide world-scale technology for licensing to an increasing portfolio of innovations in the polyester supply chain, manufacturing, and 1, 4-Butanediol and its derivatives. Farm process management and project implementation capabilities are combined with specialist technical engineering and construction knowledge at KTS to provide unrivaled technology licensing experience.

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