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LG Promises to Deliver 3 Decades of Android Updates into Phones Following Exiting Business

If you recently purchased an LG smartphone, then you might be asking yourself if the item will continue to obtain Android upgrades, because the company is shutting down its cell phone business.

On Wednesday, the Korean vendor provided a response: LG declared a”three-year assurance” to provide Android upgrades on its line of smartphones. It intends to provide”up to 3 iterations” of their Android operating system beginning from the year that the item was initially purchased.

Therefore, in the Event That You recently Bought the LG Wing 5G Which Comes with Android 10, presumably you May Get Android 11, 12, and 13 down on Line

Meanwhile, the organization’s 2020 versions for its lower-end LG Style and K series are only going to get two Android OS iterations. But, LG cautions that the future upgrades will probably depend on Google’s”distribution program in addition to other things like device compatibility and performance.”

LG created the pledge since the firm expects to clean out the remainder of its merchandise inventory, even though it is going to keep on creating smartphones through June to fulfill its contractual duties with partners and carriers.

“This means clients can still buy LG cellular phones now in service and inventory support and safety software upgrades will continue to be supplied for a time period for specific devices,” the organization added. “Clients should contact their regional LG customer support center for further information.”

Nevertheless, some consumers and press outlets have complained LG was abysmally slow to roll Android upgrades. LG’s own German site states it does not plan on rolling out the Android 11 upgrade to the LG Wing before this year’s fourth quarter. So it is maybe best to select the organization’s guarantee around software upgrades using a grain of salt.

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