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Nextgen Starts Collaborative Cybersecurity Stage CyberLAB

Nextgen Group has expanded its cybersecurity Practice by producing an integration platform Called CyberLAB. “Our cybersecurity clinic is a highly technical group of IT security specialists including ex-military cyber practitioners,” Marzano said. “We’re always Looking for ways to provide more value to our Sellers and Partners, and we think the CyberLAB is just another Very Important offering that Offers true value to the station,” Sullivan said in the present time, sellers and partners alike, do not have the capability to showcase incorporated technologies, reside and in the front of a client unless they assemble themselves, and there is a certain degree of confidence involved with discussing the integration will operate in precisely the exact same fashion as exhibited.

“CyberLAB expedites the earnings procedure to go from discovery to POC in one session and will provide the customer greater assurance a multi-vendor solution can provide the proper protection, but also bring more success to spouses and sellers through higher sales closing prices.” “We found that partners had been frustrated with the amount of the revenue cycles that conventional vendors were taking to experience the process of discovery, live time, demos, and POC. A Dynamic Learning Centre has also been built into the stage so spouses can learn and find out just how multi-vendor integrations operate in a non-vendor-specific atmosphere.

The intention of the collaborative stage is to assist channel partners to establish and provide proof of concept’ (POC) at one customer participation round Nextgen’s cybersecurity seller portfolio and other sellers on request. “This is a collaborative cybersecurity platform in which spouses can emulate their client environments to showcase several vendor integrations in real-time to make seamless security options,” Nextgen cybersecurity solutions architect Ben Sullivan stated. Nextgen cybersecurity company manager Gabe Marzano additional Nextgen was the fastest-growing cybersecurity distributor in the area, experiencing 800 percent stunted expansion. Since 2019, the cybersecurity unit has increased from 2 to 12 employees with much more appointments to follow along. “Why not showcase the integration reside, in which the customer can be attracted on-board in the prior discovery session, evaluate and roll-in that a POC in a secure environment, without affecting their creation,” he explained.

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