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Nihilent Introduces ‘Humanizing Technology’ Campaign

Nihilent, a multinational consultancy and transformation management firm that takes a human-centered approach to problem-solving, has unveiled a new online brand initiative called “Humanizing Technology.” “Our aim is to humanize any market and technical revolution around the globe,” LC Singh, director and executive vice-chairman of Nihilent, said of the initiative.

We are ensuring that individual desires and ambitions take center stage, whether it encounters with the real world or the complex multimedia experiences of always-on life.”

According to the firm, after two decades of pioneering structural change management, it is progressing to the next level and giving much-needed relevance to the human challenges that businesses face today. “The rationale to do this now is that technologies and companies need to adapt to become attentive to human feelings for the greater purpose of enriching the overall human experience,” said Minoo D Dastur, president and CEO of Nihilent.

HyperCollective – A division of Nihilent headed by publicity guru K V Sridhar ‘Pops’, Global Chief Creative Officer, Nihilent conceived and conducted the initiative. “Nihilent is at the forefront of ushering in this revolution in this brave new way of placing humanity at the core of all things to create a richer human experience,” Pops said of the creation. Technology is the enabler that must be updated on a regular basis.”

“Nihilent is imbued with the importance of understanding the dignity of each person who collaborates with us,” Pops says, giving more meaning to the initiative. As a result, our society operates on a Human-to-Human basis. We assume that we are all fundamentally the same and that we have universal beliefs and feelings in common. We are all people, regardless of logos or roles.”

Nihilent also has patents and apps like Emoscape, which analyses and improves people’s emotional reactions to enhance physical and visual content. Artoreal is an augmented reality (AR)-enabled e-commerce app that lets users make better decisions when purchasing or selling art. Climalytics analyses and forecasts the effect of weather on industries. ReSense is used to forecast the effect of local and global activities, as well as consumer behavior on retail.

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