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No need to pay to watch movies and shows! Youtube will show absolutely free; Cable people will have a holiday

Even after the arrival of Smart TV  , most people are still   enjoying TV shows and movies with the help of  cable and  set top boxes.  But since OTT  , their business has  become quite slow.  Now YouTube  is also   bringing a new service, so that people will be able to watch movies and shows for free.  For this,  people  will not need to recharge cable or set top box.       According to    techcrunch’s  report, YouTube is  testing the new service.  With this, people will be able to watch  TV shows and movies for  free.

YouTube is      officially  running a testing  that allows some users in the US to  watch free ad-supported  FAST channels  through a dedicated hub on video  platforms. Users      who have  access will get fast linear channels.  Where they will be able to  watch  movies and TV channels for free.    A  company  spokesperson  said, “We are always looking for  new ways.  YouTube is a  place where people can find  anything.   You can find  anything.”

YouTube will  benefit for movies

Now you must be     wondering  why YouTube will show TV shows and movies to people for  free.   What will  he get from this?  Let me tell you, YouTube will  show ads in  between while showing  movies or shows.  That   will be a  big source of income.  Hopefully   , he will earn  big money from here.  At the same time, the shows  will be able  to  know which show is being  liked the most.  This   will  show what people  are  liking the  most.

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Many changes so far

YouTube      has recently  given people the  facility that they  can  also stream 4k videos.  Now the video can also be seen by zooming  .  YouTube  was getting  a lot of competition from  apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar.  But by playing this bet, YouTube will also go ahead.

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