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Passport Technology’s DataStream Introduces the Next Generation Technology for Secure Cloud-Based ATM Processing

Passport Technology Inc. (“Passport”), the world’s fastest-growing supplier of payment technology to the gaming industry, has announced the introduction of the nation’s first cloud-based debit processing network, powered by VirtuCrypt HSM from Futurex, a global pioneer in cryptographic solutions.

DataStreamTM, established in 2003, is one of North America’s largest bank-sponsored ATM processors, facilitating ATM, POS, ACH, and retail transactions. DataStream offers a comprehensive online monitoring platform, a cutting-edge smartphone fund management software, dynamic currency exchange, genuine 24-hour settlement (including holidays), absolute PCI/DSS compliance, EMV and custom kiosk registration, a real-time transaction feed API, and a number of white label and custom branding tools.

With automatic redundancies not present in conventional hosted environments, real hot/hot transaction handling, and cloud-based encryption, DataStream raises market expectations of reliability and security.

Passport Technology’s Senior Vice President of Network Operations, Kent Cain, said, “The introduction of our fully integrated cloud-based computing platform is a major technical achievement for DataStream.”

“DataStream is at the forefront of industry advancement with cloud-based security, platform redundancy, uptime, and the ability to offer personalized computing solutions for any user thanks to the integration of VirtuCrypt. It also gives us the freedom to add forward-thinking improvements to DataStream that go beyond and above industry expectations and specifications.”

DataStream has seen triple-digit growth year over year and ambitions to expand more in 2022, with over 3,500 ATMs deployed across 48 states. DataStream will be positioned as a profit driver and competitive point of differentiation for Passport thanks to a mix of industry-leading technologies and targeted distribution campaigns.

Passport uses cloud-based technologies to sustain its diverse suite of North American and international FinTech solutions, in addition to DataStream. Passport retains a nimble commitment to industry advancement in the growth of cloud-based infrastructures, achieving regulatory and legal requirements globally while ensuring the highest degree of reliability, privacy, and redundancy.

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