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Pixel 7 bug is becoming a big problem for Youtube users, App is not working

In October 2022, Google launched the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro  for its customers.

In the initial phase, it was appealing to users, but now in these two models of Google, the user is facing a different kind of problem. This problem coming to users is   being said to be related to  YouTube and YouTube TV apps.

According to reports, whenever Pixel 7  users  play videos on YouTube on landscape mode, the smartphone freezes. Not only this, the smartphone also turns off after a while. In some cases, when smartphone users get the phone frozen and try to come back to the home screen, their attempt also fails. They are not able to use the phone gesture to come to the home screen of the phone.

Screen is getting blackout, audio is still playing

Touchscreen taps and swipes also don’t work when videos on YouTube are being played in landscape mode. In some cases, the user’s phone screen is blackout and the audio is still heard. Users are not even able to use the hardware button and while some users’ smartphones turn off themselves.

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Trouble only  in the case of YouTube

Reports say that users are  facing such problems only while playing videos on YouTube.  A report by  9to5Google has made it clear that when users use other streaming apps, there is no such problem.

At the same time, even if  the user is watching the video on YouTube on regular mode, there is no problem of freezing the smartphone. Let me tell you, this problem of freezing the smartphone on YouTube is being considered as a system issue.


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