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Russia’s Security Council Approves Draft Principles of Global Cybersecurity Policy

In part, the draft notes that communication and information technologies are being increasingly popular for terrorist and extremist functions, for example, propaganda of terrorism and recruitment of fans. For the very first time, the record mentioned dangers linked with cyberattacks from the IT sources of entire nations, for example, their critical cyberinfrastructures.

“Cyber technology has started to become actively utilized in the military-political world for interference in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. In their efforts to keep domination some nations have been intentionally restricting the developing nations’ access to cutting-edge technology with the intent of raising their political and economic dependence,” Patrushev said. He explained that a decision was forced to draft a strategy for implementing the record and priority steps for supplying all-round aid for it had been identified.

He Feared that for neutralizing the soaring Risks Russia’s Conclusion has been Encouraged to stepping up international cooperation and Creating an International legal regime of Controlling states’ action in the cyberspace, first of all, for ensuring that the cyber sovereignty of independent nations and preventing diplomatic conflicts between the utilization of information technology.”. Russia’s Security Council met in session on Friday to embrace a new basic document regarding the nation’s official policy within the business of global cybersecurity, Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev said in an announcement which has been uploaded into the Kremlin’s site after the assembly.

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