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Skycatch has Announced New Technology Projects to Help Build Climate-Resilient Systems Around the World

Skycatch, a drone mapping, and 3D analytics platform have announced global efforts to assist businesses and policymakers in developing and maintaining climate-resilient facilities leveraging their cutting-edge digital twin technologies.

“Digital twin technology is assisting construction and mining industries around the world in reducing CO2 emissions by avoiding design anomalies and ensuring full project transparency,” said Christian Sanz, founder, and CEO of Skycatch.

As countries concentrate their efforts on this region, this will become increasingly necessary. The Biden administration announced a pledge to invest $2 trillion over four years to increase the use of clean energy in the transportation, power, and construction industries, generating economic opportunities and improving infrastructure while simultaneously combating climate change. Skycatch is quickly spreading across Asia and the Pacific Islands. The organization intends to work with ADB Ventures and its partners in Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand to improve the resilience of infrastructure projects, including clean energy projects, and to spread such solutions across the country.

In a recent TechCrunch post, ADB’s Daniel Hersson said, “The Asian Development Bank (ADB) aims to play a catalytic role in enabling technology in infrastructure projects, resulting in reduced carbon footprints, improved protection, and operational performance.” “The enterprise-grade Skycatch technology for recording, encoding, and analyzing high-precision 3D drone data is crucial to achieving the mission.”

“Companies will use digital twin technologies to track and avoid errors during the construction process, reducing waste,” Sanz said. “With our drone-based 3D machine vision technologies, we’re on a journey to revolutionize organizationally and cost productivity in infrastructure-related ventures all over the world.”

Lotte Schou-Zibell, regional director of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Pacific Liaison and Coordination Office in Sydney, said, “ADB’s Sydney-based team is now piloting Skycatch drone-based technologies in a project to build highly precise visual twins of an infrastructure upgrading project during its construction process.” “This has the ability to use technologies over the entire life cycle of an infrastructure project, allowing for safer and more effective project delivery while preventing rework and lowering the total project carbon footprint.”


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