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With these smart travel gadgets, you too can make your journey enjoyable

Brand Desk.  Traveling is  a pleasant and wonderful feeling, which gives us a chance to  experience something new.  Whether you       are traveling  in India or abroad,  you  must have some gadgets to improve your experience.  The  camera and USB charger are  included with accessories  .  Croma  is  a favorite place of customers  for consumer electronics and durables.  Here  you will find all the travel accessories,  with the help of which  your trip can be memorable.  Packing      for travel means   taking with you the things we need and which you can     easily carry. are.  So Croma has some light, durable and versatile accessories for you.

Croma Selfie Stick with Tripod

Can you enjoy  a vacation without photos?  If you are on  a holiday and  want to take good pictures with different angles, then Croma’s selfie stick with tripod will  help you completely.  Its features are quite impressive, especially it is super expandable.  You can   shorten it for  a close shot, while if you want to take a cyanic and wide-angle shot,  you can extend it  .  are.  It is compatible with selfie sticks, iOS and Android smartphones, ranging from 5.5 cm  to  9 cm.     It’s   lightweight and portable, so you can fold it and carry it during travel  .  Its load capacity is 3,000g  and it comes with Bluetooth connectivity  .  There  is  a one-month warranty  on  this.

Croma Adjustable 134 cm Tripod for Cameras

If you  are looking  for  a strong tripod for yourself, which helps you take  good pictures, then this Croma Adjustable 134 cm Tripod for Cameras will be  very useful  for  you.  Let’s know  why  this is so.  It is a lightweight tripod that is suitable for  mobile and camera.   For digital cameras,   it has a universal screw mount and 4-section multi-function features, which are  among the best in the market  .    It is also adjustable  and comes with a 12-month  warranty  .  If you are a photographer,  you should  carry it.

Croma Adjustable 128 cm Tripod for Camcorder DSLR Action Camera and Mobile Phones

In today’s time,  in which quality content  for social media  is put, all photographers should  also put good quality pictures.  Most professional   photographers  rely on  tripods that give them    the best pictures  .  Croma’s Adjustable 128 cm Tripod for Camcorder DSLR Action Camera and Mobile Phones is  one such  tripod.  It has   4 sections for  height adjustment.  Apart from  this, it has  a multi-level locking system,  as well as solid rubber legs  .  These rubberized legs    take care that the tripod   remains stable at all costs.  It is      a 3-way head with adjustable pan, which you  can adjust  as per your wish and reach  that range,  Which you want to  capture.  Universal Screw Mount works  with most smartphones, digital cameras,  still cameras, GoPro gear, and video cameras  .   Explain that the tripod has an integrated bubble head, which can be adjusted  for  horizontal positions.  Its most special thing  is that its legs are flexible, which makes the tripod lamp posts, fences, tree branches, door knobs.   And help  to sit  right on  practically   any surface.  This tripod from Croma  comes with a 12-month  warranty  .

Croma Dual Port USB & Type-C Wall Charging Adapter

Often there are  separate   chargers for each  device.  In such a situation  ,  carrying  many chargers is a burdensome task   .  The solution is an  adapter that can charge  many of our devices  simultaneously, that too in  a short time.  Croma Dual Port USB & Type-C Wall Charging Adapter is one such  charger, which  can  charge your mobile, tablet, camera, music player,  etc.   Also it can change the  plug shape by fitting into the electric outlet.  You  can fit one country’s       dual-voltage appliance or converter  into another  country’s wall outlet  .  It is   especially  useful  for traveling in  countries like UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and America.    It can also  be used in India.  The design of  this charger  is also quite suitable and small,  as well as it is  lightweight.  So that you can   easily take it anywhere  .  It comes with  two USB ports and two Type-C ports   and its power is  100-250 volts.  Additionally,  it comes with a 6-month  warranty.

Croma 1 Amp Universal Adapter

One  of the most important things  we need while traveling abroad is  a Universal Adapter,  without which it is  extremely difficult for us to charge our phones and   laptops.  goes.   Croma’s  1 Amp Universal Adapter  comes   with a single USB port, which is an ideal choice  for charging  your mobile and laptop.  Apart from this,  it can also work  on 100 to 250  volts of input, so that there is no interruption  in the  charging of your device.  It also     has  indicators  that let you know  about the battery left in the system.  With this tool   your journey    becomes extremely easy,  as well as you can easily  keep it in your pocket.

Croma 2.1 Amp Universal Dual USB Wall Charging Adapter

In this era of  connectivity  , there are  some devices  that we cannot leave behind, such as  phones, laptops, tablets, Kindles,  etc.  The Croma 2.1 Amp Universal Dual USB Wall Charging Adapter is  one  such device that is  extremely essential for  charging  all your devices.  It has two USB ports which are extremely useful in    charging  two devices simultaneously.  It has an AC outlet   that comes with a  safety shutter.  This keeps your devices safe  .  Also  its design is compact which makes  it convenient to  carry anywhere  .

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Croma 12 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter

Going  on a    road trip and your    phone’s battery is about to  run out, such things often happen to  us.  The solution is Croma’s  12 Watt  2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter, which you can easily  plug into your cigarette lighter plug.  It keeps  you charging continuously.  Also, you  can charge two gadgets simultaneously from it  .  This car charger can charge  your mobile, smartwatch, and TWS all  .  Its power output  is  12     watts and it already has  safety precautions  in place for problems like excess current, overheating, and overcharging.  It is  among  the  smallest  USB  chargers for cars, but it charges fast,   is compact in size and light weight.

Croma 38 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter

Croma’s 38 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter  is  extremely useful for  devices such as your wireless ear buds, tablets, e-readers, smart  watches, fitness bands, and mobiles.  It has some more features  that make it special for your gadget  .  With this one charger  you  can charge all your gadgets.    This saves you  from the burden of  carrying  many  extra chargers  .   With quick charge technology and power delivery technology,  this charger  gives you 38 watts of power, which is three times more than  a normal charger  .


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