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Twitter having a bad day! expensive office items have to be sold for money

Twitter Office Sale  :-

Micro-blogging site Twitter has been  the subject of discussion for  a long time,  be it Elon Musk  sitting on the Twitter chair or his tough decisions, everyone has made people. You have   been very surprised   , but all this is  a matter of surprise  because after knowing about the information that has now come out  about the company,  you are also surprised.  will go.  In fact, the  company is selling  a lot of goods used in its office  and as people are getting information   about it, they are also surprised.  are.

The verdict has surprised  everyone.

Let us tell you  that after  being in  the  headlines for many months  ,  now something new is happening  in the  company and it may not be understood by the people because the company’s offices.    Everyday goods used  in the U.S. are  being  sold at exorbitant prices.    Let us tell you that from expensive machinery to   office furniture and many items engaged in  the  company,  many items  have been kept  for sale and whatever income will be made from it  .  It will be  seen  as the company’s   income.

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You  will be  surprised to know that more than 600  items have  been sold in the auction held between January  17  and January 18   in  the company  headquarters of California.   The most      surprising thing is that this item    was bought at a very expensive price, but the  price being  asked for in the auction is $ 25 to $ 25  .  It  has been kept up to 50  .  It is     a very low price  and according to the expensive goods, this price is  nothing  and that is  why people are  very surprised by this decision  .

According to the information   ,  a total of 631 items were to be auctioned in   this sale, including machinery used in the kitchen  , furniture and   the company’s logo.   The things   that are being  sold have been put  on  sale  at a very affordable price,  so  how much the company will  benefit from it will be known later   . But  everyone  is surprised by this decision.

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