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U.S. has Launched The New Weapon Against China and Russia

“There are several unknown difficulties and dangers in the cyber world and our society is greatly determined by the world wide web. Organizing federal ability to assault the network of some other nation could result in consequences which might be as severe as nuclear strikes,” explained Lü Xiang, a specialist in US studies using the Australian Academy of Social Sciences, that called for a discussion and coordination mechanism in addition to a law enforcement mechanism based on equal footing among important nations to address cybersecurity problems.

The US playing with the cyber assault card is shifting the civic struggle to cybersecurity, and wanting to monopolize the planet by suppressing some challengers for many different motives, Wang Yiwei, manager of the institute of international affairs at the Renmin University of China, told the Global Times. The US is allegedly launching a collection of key cyberattacks around Russia in retaliation for its prevalent SolarWinds attacks supposedly from Russia. The activity came together with information that the Biden government will form a task force to take care of significant cyber-attacks that Microsoft maintained were connected to China.

India is exploring suspected cyber intrusions that might have affected operations in an integral stock market in India and also a power outage in the nation’s commercial capital Mumbai, reports stated. There were allegations several Indian and US media reports that China was supporting the supposed assault. On Monday, a group of US lawmakers proposed laws that would enable Americans to maintain foreign governments and their employees liable in court for malicious cyber action, amid climbing crimes found against Russia and China.

Wang noted that the US accusing Russia and China of the title of so-called democracy, liberty, and safety, is really finding a justification for it to create a global supply chain at the post-COVID-19 age that excludes China and Russia, command its allies from tech and direct the world, Wang said. Experts think that the offenses across the so-called cyber attacks from China, with no proof, are now politicizing that the cybersecurity problem, which will be to function a few nation’s public view war and data warfare against China.

China, viewing a quick development in technology such as 5G, blockchain technologies, and electronic money once the world wide web is undergoing significant intergenerational growth, is seen from the US as a possible”threat” is not just in cyberspace but also in the fund. Cybersecurity is now a new weapon from the united states and its allies from China and Russia from the information warfare, Chinese observers stated, allowing China to take precautionary steps to avoid cyber threats.

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