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US President’s Tour : Visited Historic DC Hardware Store W.S. Jenks & Son

Joe Biden visited historical hardware shop W.S. Jenks & Son at Northeast DC’s Trinidad area on Tuesday afternoon to converse to its owners concerning the Paycheck Protection Program. Word had spread on societal media earlier in the afternoon that police and Secret Service seemed to be shutting the surrounding cubes.

From the time that the presidential motorcade gathered at approximately 12:15 PM, a little bunch of acquaintances had gathered to wave to the President and snap photographs. Based on White House pool accounts, Biden satisfied with the shop’s owners Jerome and Michael Siegel, in Addition to Mary Anna Ackley, owner of Small Wild Things Farm, which also works on the house.

W.S. Jenks & Son obtained a PPP loan throughout the exclusive program window which Biden declared in February for companies that have fewer than 20 workers. Small Wild Things also obtained emergency financing. In accordance with pool accounts, Michael Siegel shared with Biden the PPP loan enabled the shop’s most vulnerable workers to remain home while getting paid. He explained Biden was the next President to stay company, which had been founded in 1866, and also the first President to see the present site.

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