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Verizon Recalls 1 Million Mobile Hotspot Due to Possible Fire Hazard

If you have an Ellipsis Jetpack 4G mobile hotspot out of Verizon, see. The company is warning that the apparatus’s lithium battery may overheat and present a possible fire hazard.

Verizon issued a recall to get its merchandise on Thursday. Six of the reports involved the cellular hotspot causing fire damage to flooring or bedding while two accounts involved burn injuries for individuals.

“The protection of our clients is our greatest priority,” Verizon said in a statement. “We’re taking the problem very badly, and we’re working diligently to ascertain the reason for the difficulties with the provider and to give replacement apparatus for everyone our clients, at no charge.”

But a Verizon spokesperson informs us that just about 1 million devices are now being used on the company’s network. Nevertheless, a few of the consumers are colleges, which loan the cellular hotspots out to pupils.

Verizon produced a dedicated site, where clients can ascertain whether their hotspot is qualified for the recall. They are also able to call 855-205-2627. The company plans on replacing the faulty units using an Orbic Rate 4G cellular hotspot.

If you still should use this Ellipsis Jetpack until it is possible to swap it, Verizon introduced an over-the-air software upgrade to mitigate the battery overheating issue. Specifically, the upgrade will stop the cell hotspot from recharging while it is plugged into an electric socket, and moved on. The software upgrade should arrive mechanically.

The company is also advising clients to maintain the hotspot onto a flat and sturdy surface once in use, and also to put it in well-ventilated places.

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