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Waterproof Apple: Now Apple Launching Certified Water Resistance iPhones

Apple has started offering Certified Water Resistance from iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. Now, iPhone makers have introduced a new patent signal that they plan to build an iPhone that can’t survive underwater. Apple’s invention provides electronic devices with more efficient means of accessing water interfaces and interfaces, while electronic devices are underwater.

Recently, we have seen that the iPhone 11 operates after being completely submerged for two months. This proves that Apple does not take water resistance to its devices very easily.
Now, the new Patent Computer Patent and Trademark Office, registered under the name “Underwater User Interface” (patent number 20200104021), has published a patent application dealing with computer user interfaces from Apple, and specifically Apple’s new Underwater for Mode. User interface when running IDVs in water. The user can return to the standard iOS UI when they return to Earth. Snorkeler’s looking to take photos and videos while underwater are watching the UI. This is really a mainstream highlight and a standard feature.

The patent aim is to introduce a new UI that simplifies the underwater electronic device by providing efficient ways and interfaces to access the touch display. According to the patent, this UI reduces the burden on consumers’ brains when swimming underwater.
Therefore, Apple only wants to create a new user interface (UI) for underwater devices. So, if Apple applies this to any future iPhone, when the user takes that iPhone underwater, the entire UI will change and become much simpler. It can show simple controls, eliminate extra steps and even take care of the difference in water detection.

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