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Our Team


Mike Brooks

I am Mike, the editor in chief of the Prnotes. is more focussed on quality press releases distribution. Every news release we distribute is reviewed by at least two times trained human editors.  They have moulded the organization up day by day with their talent and skills. These individuals have found the secret of success, and that’s unity. I am very proud to be a part of this team.
Phone : +1-773-383-1048

Alden Cooper

Alden is working as the sub-editor of the website. Alden is a very hard-working personality. She has worked with many news publications in this industry. She always has the mentality to finish her whole work even if it’s a massive burden. Her these qualities have amazed me from the start and have made me believe in her with significant responsibilities too.

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Phone : +1-773-383-9088



Catty Tung

Catty is handling the column with news about hardware technology. Apart from being an extraordinary writer, she is also an excellent speaker. Her words are always very logical and hold a deep base to it. Conversations with her are funny as well as meaningful. She dreams of bringing a change in society with her skills, and I will not lie, but she is quite close to it.

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Steve Hopper

Steve is working for the column providing news articles for the cybersecurity. He has worked with many well-known organizations until he decided to be a writer and write about the sector enhancing it with him on hand experiences. He is a very down to earth person and loves to stay at his cubicle doing all the editing. Time management is his story of success, and we are fortunate to have him on prnotes board.

Phone +1-773-383-9036

John Warren

John is the leading the creative of team writing for Software column. His extraordinary leadership values have affected the progress of his team. He is very much loved and respected by his team members. He has a very nice problem-solving approach to every challenge that he and his team faces. Apart from all these skills, he has one more skill, and that is cooking delicious food which again we enjoy a lot.

Email :
Phone : +1-773-383-9022

Jackeline Frick

Jackeline is working as our lead in the Apple Blogs. She is a very curious girl. Other than writing and editing her articles, she loves to research various healthy ways for food preparations. Her desk is full of small sticky notes indicating multiple recipes. She is mostly seen in her office submerged in her works.

Email :
Phone : +1-773-383-9020